How to Buy Used UTVs

UK dealer Murray Boss gives some pointers on buying a used UTV
Credit: Farmers Guardian

I came across an article out of the UK about how to approach buying a used UTV.  Not only is the article informative but it gives me a chance to make a few comments about the used UTV market.

In talks with dealers for our various research projects, most have told us that they do not sell a lot of used UTVs. One reason is that trade-ins are not that common. There is a good chance that the buyer has really worked their current UTV very hard and there is not much value left in it, if at all. In addition a lot of used UTVs are sold directly between private owners, bypassing the dealer channel. The UTV market has also seen a large number of first-time buyers in the last few years as ATV owners switch to UTVs and entirely new customers discover the advantages of UTVs, so they have no UTVs to trade-in.

It is likely in the coming years that the used UTV market will grow. The strong growth in the market over the last few years has built a large existing population of UTVs in the market. As that population grows the number of used UTVs available is likely to grow which brings us back to the article.

The heavy workload that many UTVs experience means buyer beware and knowledgeable about what to look for when buying a second hand vehicle. The article is worth a read if you are in the market for a used UTV and offers quite a few pointers on how to evaluate a vehicle and identify any potential problems. Some of these include:

  • Looking at tire wear for clues about the suspension
  • Using vehicle hours and miles to gauge how the vehicle was used
  • Considering the simplicity of the vehicle design in the context carrying out repairs

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