Kawasaki Introduces Three New Teryx Models for 2014

New 2014 Teryx base model from Kawasaki

New 2014 Teryx LE from Kawasaki

New 2014 Teryx Camo from Kawasaki

Kawasaki recently introduced three new Teryx models for 2014. The new models feature more power, more room, a larger chassis, upgraded suspension and a new CVT clutch. Some of the key features for the two seater models include:

  • 783cc V-twin engine with 26% more horsepower over the previous version
  • CVT with changes to reduce belt wear and increase reliability
  • New Double X chassis to reduce flex and improve handling
  • 8 inches of travel in the front and 8.3 inches in the back
  • Electronic power steering
The base Teryx starts at $12,999.  The Teryx Camo and Teryx LE are two special models with some additional features. The Camo has upgraded LED headlights, a roof and premium Real Tree APG HD camouflaged bodywork. The LE gets the same LED lighting and roof, but adds some bling with Premium Candy Lime Green automotive quality paint on the bodywork, suspension arms and shock springs as well as matching three-tone bucket seat covers. In addition, the LE gets a tubular steel brush guard and lightweight aluminum wheels.  The Camo starts at $14,299 and the LE at $14,999.  Learn more:  Motorcycle-USA.com


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