Yamaha Offers Prepaid Maintenance Program

Yamaha’s prepaid maintenance program is available for a range of vehicles including the Viking utility vehicle

Yamaha recently announced a prepaid maintenance program for motorcycles, scooters, UTVs and ATVs. The Y.E.S. Maintenance product will be available on new purchases and the cost can be folded into the financing for the vehicle. Yamaha claims that customers can save up to 30% compared to pay as you go maintenance. The program uses the maintenance schedule as laid out in the vehicle manual and can be purchased as a 4 year or 6 year plan. Owners will be sent maintenance reminders by Yamaha. While the program is designed to be a profit source for dealers, Yamaha corporate states that the long term win is a better relationship between dealers and customers as dealers have more frequent contact with the customer. Learn more: Powersportsbusiness.com

Comment:  While I believe the larger target market is for motorcycles, non-powersports dealers in the STOV market might be able to learn from a program such as this. You frequently hear complaints from golf car and LSV dealers that customers don’t know how to take care of their batteries and could get more life out of their batteries if they did. This can also lead to a negative impression of electric powered vehicles if the battery packs have to be replaced sooner than the customer expects. A prepaid maintenance program for these vehicles could lead to more profit, more customer contact and better vehicle performance.

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