Road Use Regulations Roundup – September 2013

Some trends in this latest regulation roundup:

  • Municipalities are passing ordinances that not only allow LSVs but a range of utility vehicles including UTVs, ATVs and mini-trucks on public roads. The ordinances for mini trucks, which operate at higher speeds, may be the beginning of a backdoor approach to more medium speed vehicle ordinances at the local level.
  • There appears to be less concerns being raised about safety issues of the vehicles in mixed traffic.
  • Ordinances governing LSV parking were common this roundup.
  • There appeared to be less road use regulatory activity at both the state and municipal level so far in 2013.

State Level Regulations

Florida – A new golf car law went into effect that allows for the conversion of faster golf cars – or similar low-speed vehicles – to even lower-speed cars, saving golf car owners registration and insurance fees. A one-time $40 fee is charged.

Minnesota – A bill that would allow operation of mini trucks on local roads as passenger automobiles has been introduced in the House and Senate.

Municipal Level Regulations

Garden City, KS – The Garden City Commission drafted an ordinance which would allow micro utility vehicles (UTVs) to be operated within the city limits. The vehicles will be subject to state safety requirements such as roll cages, head and tail lights, turn signals and seat belts and will only be allowed to be operated by legally licensed drivers.

Britt, IA – The City Council is considering an ordinance to allow low speed vehicles on Main Avenue where they currently are not allowed. Some council members are concerned about safety and creating an opening for golf car use on the street.

Nederland, CO – An ordinance allowing electric golf carts was discussed.

San Antonio, TX – City Council has approved an ordinance that allows owners of NEVs to operate their vehicles on city streets with speed limits of 35 miles per hour or less. Several accidents in 2006 resulted in the vehicles being banned.

Powell River, British Columbia – The Council considered a low speed vehicle ordinance. A number of cities in the province have passed similar ordinances.

Baton Rouge, LA – The city is discussing the regulation of LSV taxis. The Taxi Control Board wants them to be regulated similar to other taxis.

Medford, MN – The Medford City Council is considering an ordinance to allow residents to use golf cars, all-terrain vehicles and mini trucks on city roads. The vehicles will need to be permitted, meet certain equipment requirements and operate on the streets only during specified hours.

North Wildwood, NJ – The City Council approved up to  20 designated parking spaces for LSVs. These spaces will be clearly marked and only low-speed vehicles may park in these spots.

Jascksonville Beach, FL – Council takes comments from the public on low speed vehicle parking in the city.

Santa Monica, CA – The city is trying to clarify free parking rules for electric vehicles that are tied to state issued zero emission stickers. The state rules governing the stickers narrowed the definition of eligible vehicles in such a way as to exclude LSVs, which previously had been included.

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