Utility Vehicle Reviews from the UK

The Kubota RTV1140 being put through it’s paces.  Credit:  HW


HorticultureWeek based in the UK recently put a Kubota RTV400Ci, Kubota RTV1140 and John Deere XUV855D through their paces and offered their opinions.  The reviewers were from college campuses, a park and a golf course. In general, all the vehicles received good reviews but the John Deere seems to garner the most praise.  Here is a quick summary of their reviews:

Kubota RTV400Ci

  • Smaller than the others but compactness good for certain applications
  • Good ergonomics and usability
  • Handles tough terrain well
  • Powerful and agile
  • Cargo box size a little small

Kubota RTV1140

  • Utility with versatility
  • Large cargo area and convertible to 4 person seating
  • Good power and acceleration
  • Comfortable ride
  • Good engine braking
  • Long wheelbase offers stability but wider turning circle and ground clearance issues in some situations

John Deere XUV855D

  • Fast
  • Climbs hills well
  • Couldn’t get it stuck
  • Comfortable ride
  • Feels well-built
  • Good maneuverability and suspension travel
  • Notable improvements on the previous version

Learn more:  HorticultureWeek.com

What’s Cooking on the STOV

Highlighting some of the many applications for small, task-oriented vehicles:

Here are a couple more examples of the different applications for STOVs. They show the range of uses of utility vehicles and how they can be customized or accessorized to a small or large degree depending on the need of the customer and the specialized conditions under which they will be used. In the first example, you also see how once again a STOV can replace a full-size vehicle and offer both upfront and operational cost savings.

A customized Club Car XRT1550SE in operation at a potash mine.

Transport for Potash Mining Operation – Club Car’s Custom Solutions Department has been customizing utility vehicles for use in this potash mining operation since 2007. The mining operation had previously been using full-size SUVs to transport personnel over a kilometer into the mine over challenging terrain. The SUVs were both expensive to purchase and maintain given the harsh work environment.  Club Car customized their XRT1550-SE four-passenger diesel utility vehicle for the application. The difficult and sometimes corrosive conditions required a number of specific features including:  diesel scrubbers, power steering, 120 decibel back-up alarms, heavy-duty brush guards, rear differential guards, belly pans/skid plates, CV boot guards and rock guard brake calipers for the difficult terrain. For operations in dark conditions the vehicles have complete light packages rear and front-facing spot lights on separate circuits, and digital speedometers that are legible in the dark. The cars were also equipped with sealed CVTs to keep dust and dirt off the clutch face, gel-cell maintenance-free sealed batteries, and spare tires and rims.

Over 50 of the vehicles have been used at the operation since 2007. Key benefits of the vehicles include aluminum frames that avoid corrosion, purchase price that is 20% of the full-size SUVs they previously purchased, tighter turning radius for operating in narrow tunnels, better handling in loose dirt, cheaper parts, and less oxygen use in the underground conditions than the SUVs. (The oxygen needs to be replaced as part of the mining operation.)  Learn more:  PRweb.com

The type of Gator the town of Greenville will use for trail maintenance.

Trail maintenance – The city of Greenville, MI will be purchasing a John Deere Gator for maintenance on the Fred Meijer Flat River Trail. The 4×2 Gator will feature an electric motor and a larger motor. The vehicle is being funded primarily by a grant from the Greenville Area Community Foundation and is expected to make it easier for town workers to move up and down the trail for maintenance work.  Learn more:  www.thedailynews.cc

Mission Golf Car to Distribute New Ford Shelby Specialty Golf Car

Ford Shelby GT500 Golf Car

Mission Golf Cars of San Antonio, TX has recently agreed to become a distributor for the new Ford Shelby GT500 golf car. The GT500 is the only officially licensed golf car of the Ford Motor Company. Key features of the golf car include:

  • Hand-laid fiberglass body with PPGPaint
  • SVT Inspired 12” wheels
  • Six Standard Ford Shelby GT500 colors
  • Locking front storage trunk
  • 48v DC motor (AC drive available)
  • Vinyl and ultra suede upholstered seats
  • Turn signals, horn and emergency flashers
  • Fold-down windshield
  • Limited three-year warranty

Learn more:  PRWeb.com

Polaris Announces GEM 2014 Models

New 2014 GEM Utility Vehicle

Polaris recently announced their new model line-up for GEM for 2014. The product line includes the e2, e4, e6 for transport and the eS, eL, eL XD for light utility vehicles. A 7.0 hp motor is standard in the all electric vehicle line-up and the vehicles also feature a new rear drum brake system. Other changes to the product line include:

  • New, more comfortable seating
  • Standard scuff guards and charge cords for all vehicles
  • New available options including hard doors with locks, sliding windows and improved hinges and seals are available for two and four person vehicles.
  • Simplified color choices
  • Newly designed hood
  • Mud guards
  • New headlight bezel

Learn more:  www.GEMcar.com