Kubota Introduces New X-Series UTVs

The new RTV-X900 from Kubota

Kubota used their dealer meeting to introduce the new X-series line of UTVs. The model lineup includes the RTV-X900, the RTV-X1120D, and the RTV-X1100C. “The new Kubota X-Series is the perfect combination of beauty and brawn,” said Dan Muramoto, Kubota RTV product manager. “We have raised the bar on styling, ergonomics, comfort and storage without giving up the durability, ruggedness and reliability that Kubota utility vehicles are known for. We’ve taken a huge leap with feature enhancements for this line, and the powertrain componentry, fit and finish, and quality of materials are arguably best-in-class.”

Key features of the vehicles include:


  • 21.6 HP diesel engine
  • Hydraulic power steering
  • 2 in. hitch receivers at the front and back
  • Steel cargo dump box with 1,102 lb capacity

The new RTV-X1120D from Kubota, the deluxe model of their X series

RTV-X1120D (Deluxe model in the line)

  • 24.8 HP diesel engine
  • 29 mph top speed
  • Blue tinted halogen headlights
  • Polished alloy wheels
  • Hydrostatic steering with tilt steering

The new RTV-X1100C from Kubota with factory installed cab


  • Factory installed cab with heating and AC
  • Roll down windows and nearly airtight cab
  • Pre-wired for antenna and two speakers

All models feature Kubota’s diesel engines and Variable Hydraulic Transmission. The Kubota RTV-X900 and X1100C replace the RTV900XT and the RTV1100, respectively, and the RTV X1120D is an incremental new model. Kubota will continue to offer the RTV400, RTV500 and RTV1140CPX in 2014.

Comment:  With this new line-up of vehicles it looks like Kubota is trying to improve the look and passenger comforts of the vehicle. Unlike the recreational end of the market where increasing the horsepower is important, the work oriented X900 and X1100C kept the same engine size as the vehicles they are replacing but added styling and comfort features.

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