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Spokane police add a Kawasaki Mule to their fleet

Downtown Police Patrol – The Spokane, WA police recently purchased a Kawasaki Mule to help their effort to reduce crime in the downtown area. The vehicle will be used along downtown streets as well as the Centennial Trail and around Spokane’s Riverpoint Campus. A federal grant helped pay for the vehicle which will be used to speed up foot patrols rather than a replacement for car patrols. The police department likes that the open air vehicle makes officers more accessible to the public and the flatbed in the back adds versatility for other tasks. The vehicle has a top speed of 25 mph. Learn more:  Spokesman.com

Comment:  You often see law enforcement  using UTVs at the beach or exclusively on trails rather than downtown areas. LSVs tend to be more popular for downtown patrols or for parking ticket duty. The UTV offers a little more versatility for a mix of on and off-road use, although off-road specific tires can wear out quickly with a lot of street driving.

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