Polaris Wins Military Contract to Supply UTVs

Polaris was awarded a contract to supply vehicles like the MRZR4 to US Special Operations forces.

The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has awarded Polaris Industries a contract to provide MRZR Lightweight Tactical All Terrain Vehicles. The MRZR2 and MRZR4 are highly-mobile, CV-22 transportable, multi-configurable off-road platforms, and will be supplied with accessories, spare parts, mechanical and operator training. The contract spans five years. The company recently was awarded a military contract for ATVs as well. Polaris provides vehicles to the US military and allied militaries. Learn more:  Businesswire.com

Comment:  Growing the military business has been a strategic initiative of Polaris management and they have been able to execute on their plan. In their recent quarterly earnings report they noted that year over year sales for the military segment increased significantly. They have been helped in recent years by the strong expansion of the US Special Operations forces. They are also taking some of the technology developed for the military, like non-pneumatic tires, and bringing them into the commercial and consumer markets.

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