Polaris Acquires Navigation Software Company Primordial

Screenshot from Primordial’s flagship Ground Guidance software product.

Polaris Industries announced the acquisition of Primordial Inc, a Minnesota-based software company known for navigation software used by the military in off-road environments and a crowd sourced mapping application. Ground Guidance is used by soldiers to map fast and stealthy routes in difficult terrain. Ooze is a crowd-sourced mapping application that it sells to businesses and government agencies.

Ground Guidance is a good fit for Polaris’s military segment which has been a long term strategic growth segment. Ooze could have synergies with their RiderX mobile apps, which snowmobilers use to navigate trails. Long-term there could be potential in the off-road recreation segment for both products.  Learn more:  Bizjournals.com

Comment:  You have already seen improving electronics in utility vehicles and the trend has been for these vehicles to eventually adopt many of the advanced features of automobiles. It will not be surprising to see OEMs offering more electronic gear and software as optional and eventually standard equipment. Polaris vehicles are also frequently used by firefighting teams for the Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service. These software applications may have some application in the off-road emergency response/fire/rescue market as well.

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