BRP Inaugurates New Mexican Facility

Aerial view of part of the Queretaro industrial park in Mexico. BRP’s new facility is located in the park.

BRP, manufacturer of Can Am side-by-sides, last week inaugurated their new manufacturing facility in Queretaro, Mexico. The facility assembles Rotax engines for its Can-Am off-road vehicles, assembles the Sea-Doo Spark watercraft and manufactures composite hulls and decks for Sea-Doo watercraft. By 2015, a total of $100 million (Canadian) will have been invested in the facility and 1,100 people will be employed. A sister facility in Juarez, Mexico has been assembling Can Am ATVs and side-by-sides since 2001.  Learn more:

Comment:  BRP isn’t the only UTV manufacturer in Mexico. Polaris has a presence there as well. Part of the move is driven by production cost savings but the other reason is geography and distribution. The Southwest US and in general the South are an area of growth for the UTV market. These facilities put manufacturers closer to these markets as well as expanding markets in Latin and South America. As manufacturers try to shorten ordering cycles for dealers and better manage inventory while more closely aligning product supply to market demand these facilities can offer improvements in those areas.

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