Star EV Launches New Electric Utility Vehicle Models

The new heavy duty electric utility vehicle from Star EV

The new heavy duty electric utility vehicle from Star EV

Star EV recently launched a new lineup of electric utility vehicles for commercial and industrial use. The U series HA 1 vehicles come in a number of configurations and feature cabs from Curtis Industries. The vehicles are available with a 48-volt electric drivetrain with a 5kW (6.7hp) DC motor or a 72-volt drivetrain with a 6.7kW (9hp) AC motor. The vehicles have a 2,200 lb cargo load capacity. Other key features include:

  • 400 amp (DC) or 500 amp (AC) Curtis controller
  • 4 wheel hydraulic brakes
  • Seating for 2
  • Fold-down bed with tailgate
  • Headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals
  • Horn, reverse beeper and parking brake
  • 19.5 mph top speed or 20-25 mph with the LSV configuration
  • Heavy duty bed liner and full chassis undercoating

Available options include:

  • LSV configuration
  • AGM batteries
  • Battery filling system
  • Heater/defroster
  • Beacon light
  • LED roof mounted lights
  • Enclosed aluminum boxes
  • Ladder racks

The rear cargo area can be customized with different types of beds and enclosures.

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Comment:  GEM and now Star EV have come out with new electric utility vehicles with a heavier payload. Both feature AC drive systems as well, while the GEM eM1400 does not offer an LSV version. For a new research report on the college market, I spoke with a fleet manager who was looking for an electric UTV with an increased payload. If his interview is any indicator, this market segment is looking to use these electric utility vehicles in more specific applications than just general maintenance and therefore require some more capabilities like higher payloads. In the college market at least, a LSV configuration is often a desired option. If manufacturers can produce electric utility vehicles that can perform and meet these new demands, it starts opening up even more market potential.

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