New Tracked Utility Vehicle From Fecon

The new EX60 Tracked Utility Vehicle from Fecon.

The new EX60 Tracked Utility Vehicle from Fecon.

Fecon, a maker of vegetation management equipment such as mulchers and stump grinders, recently introduced their new EX60 Track Vehicle. The EX60 has a 6,000-lb payload capacity and all-terrain rubber tracks. The company is targeting applications such as  fleet service, fire-fighting, material handling, or spraying vegetation and insects where trucks or larger vehicles can’t go.  Two standard auxiliary hydraulic circuits can power optional equipment.  A load sense pump is offered as an option for more demanding applications.  The EX60 features a universal mounting plate in the payload area to easily switch between solutions, whether skid mounted equipment or material handling apparatus.  A reversible operator station and operator controls add to the flexibility of the EX60.  The 46HP diesel engine enables transport of the impressive payload and 7-MPH travel speed.

There is no additional information on the cost of the vehicle or other specifications. Fecon existing lines of equipment are for the right-of-way, land clearing, firebreaks, pasture restoration, invasive species and wildlife restoration markets.

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Comment:  This vehicle definitely pushes the envelope and falls in the more heavy duty range of the of STOV market. While the end market for a vehicle like this may be on the smaller size, it is another example of how the STOV market is being segmented by specialized application needs. While in many cases this segmentation can be handled by customization of base models with a wide range of uses, in other cases more specialized, purpose built vehicles are needed. Another less extreme example in the work UTV portion of the market would be the Brutus line of UTVs from Polaris with it’s PTO and multiple attachment capability. The EX60 may have appeal in other markets but Fecon’s distribution network focusing on the vegetation management markets will likely limit sales of the vehicle to this customer base.

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