GEM Adds Gas & LSV Utility Vehicles to Their Product Lineup

The new 2015 Polaris M1400, a gas powered utility vehicle being sold by GEM dealers.

The new 2015 Polaris M1400, a gas powered utility vehicle being sold by GEM dealers.

GEM adds an LSV version of the electric eM1400 for 2015.

GEM adds an LSV version of the electric eM1400 for 2015.

The GEM brand of transport and light utility vehicle, owned by Polaris Industries,  recently expanded their product lineup to include a gas powered M1400 and a street legal version of the electric eM1400, the eM 1400 LSV. The eM1400 was introduced last year. The press release follows below with more details. The base MSRP for the M1400 is $7,999 and for the eM1400 LSV is $10,999, which is $1,000 more than the eM1400.

What’s interesting from a marketing perspective is that the gas-powered M1400 is carrying the Polaris brand but is available from GEM dealers and is included on the GEM website. While GEM has always been associated with electric powered vehicles, the distribution network and brand have a strong presence in commercial and institutional venues such as colleges, universities, municipalities and parks where customers are purchasing gas and diesel powered STOVs as well. GEM’s established distribution network and experienced commercial/institutional oriented sales force is an important asset. Polaris is trying to leverage this strength to sell more non-electric commercial vehicles but, at least for now, maintain a distinction between the electric GEM brand and non-electric vehicles. This expansion will also broaden the competition between Polaris and the golf car manufacturers that are already selling both electric and gas vehicles into these markets. Historically Polaris has attacked markets by segmenting them and creating models for specific sub-segments. It is likely that they will continue to add more gas-powered vehicles as well as electrics to be sold under the GEM umbrella.

GEM® Extends Offerings for Dealers with New Gas and LSV Models

Gas-powered Polaris® M1400™, electric eM™1400 LSV now available through nationwide dealer network

 MEDINA, Minn. (Aug. 21, 2014) – Polaris® Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII) has expanded its GEM® line product offering of transport and light utility vehicles to include the new Polaris® M1400™ gas-powered commercial side-by-side utility vehicle and the GEM eM™1400 LSV street-legal electric utility vehicle.

 As the first gas-powered utility vehicle available for purchase through authorized GEM dealers, the Polaris M1400 is a 4×2 vehicle designed specifically for light-duty commercial utility applications. The vehicle is equipped to handle the demands of a jobsite with 1,400 pounds of payload, a cargo box capacity of 1,100 pounds and the ability to tow up to 1,500 pounds.

 “Our number one priority at GEM is to help customers find the right solution for their unique needs,” GEM General Manager Tim Blinkhorn said. “It is very common for accounts to require a fleet with a mix of electric and gas-powered vehicles. By adding a Polaris engineered gas utility vehicle to our line with an extensive range of accessories, GEM dealers are ready to provide the best tool – electric or gas – for the job.”

 The M1400 features a Polaris ProStar 31-horsepower engine with electronic fuel injection and reaches a top speed of 26 mph, which can be limited with the optional Polaris Speed Key. Independent rear suspension and front IFS MacPherson Strut ensures the safe and efficient transport of people and cargo even when hauling at maximum capacity.

 On the electric front, the GEM eM1400 LSV has all the features of the eM1400 introduced last fall, and is also LSV compliant with a horn, headlights/taillights, turn signals, an automotive-grade windshield, a windshield wiper and three-point safety belts.

 Like all of GEM’s street-legal models, the eM1400 LSV reaches a top speed of 25 mph, produces zero emissions, can be driven indoors or outdoors and on most city streets with posted speed limits of 35 mph or less.  

 Available options and accessories make it easy for customers to configure the Polaris M1400 and GEM eM1400 for their specific jobsite application and unique needs. Factory installed options include removable bed sides and a fully enclosed max box. Additionally, both utility vehicles support Polaris’ innovative Lock & Ride® and Lock & Work™ accessories.

 The Polaris M1400 and GEM eM1400 come with a two-year limited warranty and can be ordered through more than 250 authorized GEM dealers in North America. To set up a test ride, or for more information on the complete Polaris GEM lineup, visit

Polaris Industries Inc.         Media Contact: Megan Langenkamp
2100 Highway 55              Phone: 414-292-0246
Medina, MN 55340-9770


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