Tata Motors Showcases 2 New Ace Mini-Truck Variants


Tata Motors vehicles display at Municipalika-2014

India-based Tata Motors used the Municipalika 2014 international conference to showcase their Tata ACE Hopper Tipper BS IV – Waste Segregation and Super ACE Suction Machine BS III mini suction vehicle. The ACE Hopper Tipper BS IV is suited for door-to-door garbage collection and the Super ACE Suction Machine BS III mini suction vehicle for door-to-door sewage cleaning. According to the company the “Tata ACE Hopper Tipper BS IV – Waste Segregation fully- built Mini Garbage Tipper is available in BS III & BS IV variants, suitable for hilly terrains, and uses cathodic Electro Deposition (CED) treated body for corrosion prevention. Super ACE Suction Machine BS III is equipped for high pressure suction operation for a depth of upto 25 feet and diameter upto 75 mm – to clean thick sludge, and offers 39% vehicle gradeability making it suitable for hilly terrains” Both vehicles are small enough to operate in narrow lanes found in the dense urban areas of India.

Municipalika is an international conference and exhibition that focuses on emerging trends in sustainable habitat and integrated cities. India has experienced rapid population growth in urban areas in recent years and that is expected to continue for some time.  Learn more:  Rushlane.com

Comment:  These products are a good example of the differences between the US and other markets such as Asia when it comes to small, task-oriented vehicles. The US cities are neither as physically cramped or densely populated as some of the “mega” cities in other parts of the world. The characteristics of these cities create a greater demand for smaller vehicles that require lower speeds and smaller dimensions.


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