Columbia ParCar Purchases Tomberlin

The Tomberlin Anvil is one of the more consumer-oriented vehicles Columbia ParCar will be adding to their offerings.

The Anvil is one of the more consumer-oriented vehicles Columbia ParCar will be adding to their portfolio under the Tomberlin brand.

Columbia ParCar Custom Carts, Inc., a Nordic Group company, announced that they are in the process of acquiring the assets of Tomberlin Automotive Group. In a statement to dealers, Scott Breckley , President of Columbia ParCar stated

The combined product portfolios across multiple commercial and consumer based platforms will create the worlds leading privately held EV company and a very compelling message for our Dealers, Distributors and Consumers. The result will blend product innovation with superb branding into our heritage of customer care that dates back to 1946. A winning combination in any strategic initiative .

The deal is expected to take another 45 days to close. The Tomberlin brand will continue to stand alone along side the ParCar brand. The merger will be kicked off with a series of regional launch parties starting in the Villages in Florida. Learn more:

Comment:  This is a good match of complementary strengths. Tomberlin will add a lineup of vehicles primarily focused on the consumer personal transportation and recreation market but applicable to some commercial applications as well. Tomberlin’s product line includes LSVs and an off-road electric utility vehicle. The deal will allow Columbia ParCar to expand the breadth of their offerings as well as their dealer network. Tomberlin also adds some expertise in sourcing and manufacturing in China and a track record of innovation. When Tomberlin first came to the market they were one of the first companies to design an LSV that looked much more like a car than a golf car or a GEM. With some additional resources available, it will be interesting to see what new products will be launched. The deal also points to the continued effort by companies in all segments of the STOV market to expand their distribution and reach new customers.

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