Startups Aggregating Mini-trucks In India’s Local Delivery Market

Some of the mini-trucks and owner-operators part of the network.

Some of the mini-trucks and owner-operators part of the network., an Indian startup, is using technology to aggregate the highly fragmented local delivery market in the country. Major cities such as Bangalore employ a hub and spoke delivery system where the last mile is handled by mini-trucks and other vehicles driven by owner-operators. The problem has been connecting the large number of owner-operators with potential clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner. LOTrucks joins similar companies such as The Porter, Blowhorn and Shippr who are operating in Mumbai and Bangalore. LOT stands for Logistics, Optimization and Transportation.

According to the founders “When we noticed some important issues like large idle time of vehicles, no standard pricing, customer-driver communication gap and billing problems, we thought this can be addressed using technology.” LOT has reduced the time from order booking to processing to 30 minutes, implemented a standard mileage based pricing system to eliminate negotiating and trains drivers for communicating in the diverse city. An online payment system using a mobile is in the works. LOT currently has over 500 trucks including the LOT MINI, aTata Ace with 800kg capacity, and the LOT MAX , a Tata 407 with 2.5ton capacity. The founders plan to perfect their system in Bangalore before expanding to other cities.  Learn more:

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