Sichuan China To Loosen Low-Speed Electric Vehicle Restrictions

Reports from Sichuan China point to the government loosening restrictions on low-speed electric vehicles. The new regulations are expected in August for the province. Lead acid battery manufacturers that supply the market expect it to grow 15% in 2015. In related news, Shandong province, a major producing area of low speed EVs in China reports production of the vehicles is up almost 70% to 69,200 vehicles in the first quarter.  Learn more:

Comment:  When it comes to low speed vehicles the market size in China far outpaces the US. However a direct comparison is hard to make because low speed vehicles in China have a much higher top speed, about 48 mph. A more basic difference though is that there is simply more market demand. With comparatively low vehicle penetration, there is a sizable demand for vehicles that are more affordable than highway capable vehicles but can still get you around town locally.

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