New Zealand Department of Conservation Switching To UTVs

UTVs like the Honda Pioneer 500 will be replacing ATVs at New Zealand's DOC.

UTVs like the Honda Pioneer 500 will be replacing ATVs at New Zealand’s DOC.

The New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC) announced that they will be phasing out their fleet of ATVs in favor of UTVs by year end. A key reason of the change is safety, as the organization reported 11 accidents last year on ATVs. The UTVs also can two people, travel across a wider range of terrain and more easily carry or tow gear. Management also likes that the vehicles drive like cars, have rollover protection, lower center of gravity and seat belts. The 200 ATVs the DOC currently has in its fleet will be replaced by 80 UTVs. One vehicle being considered is the Honda Pioneer 500, which is not much wider, 50 inches, than the existing ATVs. Learn more:

Comment:  The transition from ATVs to UTVs has been one of the drivers the past few years in the growing UTV market, although it has often been discussed in terms of older ATV riders looking for a more comfortable riding experience. The safety aspect is a different perspective but one that can be very important for commercial and institutional buyers. Given the numbers discussed in this situation, 200 down to 80, the cost savings could be significant as well depending on what types of ATVs and UTVs are involved.

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