What’s Cooking on the STOV: Disaster Relief Operations

Polaris Commercial highlights potential cost-savings for non-pneumatic tires.

Polaris donated a similar set of non-pneumatic tires along with several vehicles to The Salvation Army for disaster relief operations.

Highlighting some of the many applications for Small, Task-Oriented Vehicles

Polaris recently donated four utility vehicles to The Salvation Army for use in disaster relief operations. The four vehicles include the military-oriented Ranger HIPPO, Brutus vehicles and a Polaris M1400. A set of TerrainArmor non-pneumatic tires(NPT) is also part of the donation. The Brutus vehicles are equipped with varying attachments including a bucket, grapple and pallet fork, and one vehicle has the NPT tires. The Ranger HIPPO has an integrated power system that is driven by the vehicle’s diesel engine. This allows the vehicle to travel to sites with no available power sources and run a variety of hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, and welding equipment, eliminating the need for generators and other bulky equipment usually needed for these jobs.The Polaris® M1400 unit is a 2×4 gas-powered, commercial utility vehicle, capable of hauling 1,400 pounds and towing 1,500 pounds.  Learn more:  Businesswire.com

Comment:  The versatility, off-road capabilities and ruggedness of utility vehicles can really shine during disaster relief operations. In particular, the models that have multiple attachments that can be switched quickly can be useful in disaster situations where you don’t know what type of obstacles you will face or the specific tasks that will need to be completed. A remote and mobile power source is also very valuable in natural disasters where the power infrastructure has been damaged.

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