Cenntro Automotive To Display Electric Utility Vehicle At Auto Show

The new Metro compact utility vehicle from Cenntro Automotive.

The new Metro compact utility vehicle from Cenntro Automotive.

Cenntro Automotive will showcase its METRO™, electric utility vehicle at the Orange County International Auto Show held in Anaheim, CA from October 15 – 18. Launched earlier this year, the Metro, which the company refers to as a Compact Utility Vehicle (CUV) is similar to mini-truck and manufactured in Sparks, NV.

The electric powered vehicle features Cenntro’s own Cenntro Power powertrain, has a range of up to 50 miles, a top speed of 25 mph and payload capacity of 1,400 lbs. The Metro’s modular design allows for six different cargo area configurations for a range of end use applications including van box, refrigerated unit, grille enclosure, tarpaulin enclosure, tilting flatbed, and fixed flatbed with sideboards. Some of the key markets for the company are the US, European Union and China and targeted end use applications include city service and delivery, campus maintenance and park services. The US version of the Metro uses a lead acid battery pack while the European version uses a lithium battery pack  and has a top speed of 50 mph and a range of approximately 124 miles. Currently, the vehicles appear to be sold directly by the company rather than dealers.  Learn more:  PRnewswire.com

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