2016 PGA Show: Flow-Rite Battery Steward

Continuing the focus on battery maintenance at the PGA Show, the Flow-Rite booth featured their Battery Steward product, which combines a mobile app with scannable labels to help operators manage battery maintenance. While Flow-Rite has been using the technology in the industrial space where the batteries for forklifts are very expensive and so can be the maintenance mistakes, they are just starting to introduce the technology to the golf car market.

A partial screenshot from Flow-Rites Battery Steward app.

A partial screenshot from Flow-Rite’s Battery Steward app.

The company’s website describes four easy steps for using the Battery Steward.

  1. Use your mobile device and identifying labels to create easy-to-follow battery care task lists.
  2. Check off batteries by scanning the Battery Steward identifying label that has been attached to your battery.
  3. Record and analyze important battery maintenance data through the online portal.
  4. Identify neglected, misused, or abused batteries.

The company generates revenue by selling the scannable labels. While the product is clearly aimed at the fleet owner, I wonder if a dealer might be able to use the technology to manage a “fleet” of disparate customer vehicles. ¬†Learn more: ¬†Batterysteward.com

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