2016 PGA Show: Parts Leader Nivel Emphasizes Branding

Product display for Jake's lift kits.

Product display for Jake’s lift kits.

Display for one of Nivel's wheels from their GTW brand.

Display for one of Nivel’s wheels from their GTW brand.

In-store product display for Nivel's recent brand acquisition, Madjax.

In-store product display for Nivel’s recent brand acquisition, Madjax.

At the recent PGA Show, leading golf car parts supplier Nivel revealed plans to emphasize and leverage branded product lines. After a string of acquisitions over the last several years, Nivel’s ┬ámanagement believes they had built a stable of well-known branded products, but had not fully realized the value of those brands. To that end the company is making an effort under their “House of Brands” initiative to build brand awareness and take advantage of the brand equity in some key product lines now under the Nivel umbrella. Key brands on display at the PGA Show include:

  • Jake’s – lift kits
  • Madjax – seating and lighting
  • Red Dot Enclosures – vehicle enclosures
  • Blue Dot – windshields and tops
  • GTW – wheels, lift kits and flipseats
  • Genesis 250/350 – seating
  • Reliance Power Parts
  • MJFX Innovative – lift kits and bumpers

Part of their strategy involves placing dedicated store displays for specific brands in dealerships. Nivel is the largest supplier of aftermarket parts and accessories for golf cars in North America.

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