2016 PGA Show: Torq Off-Road Electric Vehicles Showcases Suppressor VLE Electric Side-by-Side

The spartan and aggressive looking Torq Suppressor VLE utility vehicle.

The spartan and aggressive looking Torq Suppressor VLE utility vehicle features a low-slung design, which results in a low center of gravity.

A frontal view of the Torq Suppressor VLE with seating for two.

A frontal view of the Torq Suppressor VLE Side X Side with racing-style four-point harnesses and seating for two.

A view of the vehicles quick-release steering wheel and instrument  panel.

A view of the vehicle’s instrument panel and quick-release steering wheel.

A shot of the Torq Suppressor VLE's AC powertrain.

The Torq Suppressor VLE’s AC powertrain.

Torq Off-Road Electric Vehicles used the 2016 PGA Show to showcase their Suppressor VLE Side X Side, an electric powered hunting and recreational vehicle. The company also has a single seat version, the Solo. VLE stands for Very Light Electric, and the models have a curb weight of about 1,020 lbs. Both models are powered by a 48-volt AC brushless powertrain with a 450 amp Curtis controller which produces 18 hp and a top speed of 25 mph. The battery pack consists of eight Crown 6-volt AGM batteries with an estimated run time of 3 to 3.5 hours. Other features include:

  • 12.49:1 Team Industries Slip Disc Differential
  • Width of only 58.5″
  • 10″ of ground clearance
  • PRP suspenison
  • Dual A-Arm front suspension with coil over, multi-position, pre-load adjusted shocks
  • A-Arm rear suspension with coil over shocks
  • All-wheel disc brakes
  • 25″ tires
  • Four-point racing-style harness
  • Quick-release steering wheel
  • MSRPL ¬†Suppressor VLE Side X Side – $15,500; Suppressor VLE Solo – $14,500;

While hunting is a key application for the Torq vehicles, it is certainly not the only one as the company is also marketing the vehicle as a recreational vehicle as well. Compared to other electric hunting vehicles, Torq’s design and look will likely have more appeal to off-road recreational riders. This dual application design is also a good idea from a marketing standpoint. Research SVR has done in the market indicates that the electric hunting vehicle market is limited to only certain areas of the country where geography and the type of hunting lend itself to the use and expense of a dedicated hunting vehicle. The design of the Torq models should appeal to a wider potential market, although versions with a higher top speed would probably broaden the appeal in the recreational market. The company has started to build out their dealer network.

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