Google Self-driving LSVs Testing Wireless Charging

A wireless recharging system from Momentum Dynamics.

A wireless recharging system from Momentum Dynamics.

Recent documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission indicate that Google is testing two wireless charging systems with their self-driving low speed vehicles. The systems were developed by Momentum Dynamics and Hevo Power and transfer power via a manhole size disk on the ground that the vehicle parks over. According to Momentum their 25,000W charging throughput is much larger than the standard 3,300W rate and the system works in any kind of weather. By avoiding the need to physically connect a charger to the car, the technology has the potential to make self-driving cars even more autonomous.  Learn more:  

Comment:  The cost of the charging system could be a major factor for LSV or golf cars, but there could be a lot of potential in the golf car fleet market. It would simplify the process and the faster throughput would help recharge and turnaround fleets faster at very busy courses. Even in the personal transportation market, the technology would simplify the process and help alleviate the problem of people forgetting to charge their golf cars and LSVs.

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