New Georgia Tech Policy Favors LSVs

Georgia Tech recently instituted a new policy regarding low speed vehicles and golf cars. According to the policy, as of July 1, all LSVs or golf cars owned or purchased by any department must be street legal and registered with Georgia Tech Fleet Services, which will now only perform maintenance on registered vehicles. Furthermore, LSVs can only be driven on streets with speed limits of 35 mph or lower and golf cars on streets 25 mph or lower. There are a number of streets near the campus that only LSVs will now be able to drive. The new policy will also phase out any non-street legal golf cars and motorized vehicles by July 31, 2016. The policy does not impact landscape and maintenance utility vehicles. Learn more:

Comment: This policy is likely to push departments to purchase LSVs rather than golf cars as they will require no modifications to be street legal and will have fewer restrictions with regards to driving on public streets. For a number of years the university and college market has been a good market for low speed vehicles. The institutions like the safety features of the vehicles, as compared to a golf car, and the ability to legally drive on nearby public streets, especially if they need to transverse public roads to access different campus locations.

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