UTV Maker Intimidator Plans $12M Expansion

Intimidator Classic UTV

The Intimidator brand of UTVs includes the Classic series shown here, a Crew series and a Truck series. Each series comes with several powertrain options including diesel, gas and electric depending on the series.

Utility vehicle and lawnmower manufacturer Intimidator, Inc. of Batesville, AK announced plans for a $12 million expansion to address growth in both product markets. The expansion will include a second manufacturing plant and the addition of 400 jobs over the next four years. The company makes Intimidator UTVs, Bad Dawg UTV accessories, Ground HogMax disc plow for ATVs/UTVs, Spartan zero-turn mowers and the Gourmet Guru Grill. The company is owned by Robert and Becky Foster.

As part of the expansion, the company will receive support from the state in the form a $1.5 million community development block grant, a cash rebate equal to 4.25 percent of annual payroll for the new jobs for five years, and sales tax refunds on building materials, machinery and equipment associated with the expansion.

Intimidator has partnered with Mahindra to develop Mahindra’s line of mPACT XTV utility vehicles. The expansion is tied in part to this partnership. The Intimidator line of UTVs was originally launched in 2013. The product line includes the Classic, Crew and Truck versions. There are several powertrains available depending on the version including a Kohler 1000cc diesel engine, a Kohler 750cc gas engine,  Intimidator’s own 800cc gas engine and a 48 volt AC electric motor. Learn more:  NWAonline.com

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