Hustler Turf’s New MDV UTV

The new MDV utility vehicle from Hustler with a unique cargo bed technology.

The new MDV utility vehicle from Hustler with a unique cargo bed technology. Photo:  Pinkston’s Inc.

Hustler Level Lift technology

More information on the Level Lift technology used in the Hustler MDV.  Photo:  Pinkston’s Inc.

Hustler MDV utility vehicle

A frontal view of the Hustler MDV. Photo: Pinkston’s Inc.

Hustler Turf Equipment, a manufacturer of zero-turn mowers for residential and commercial customers, has launched a new utility vehicle, the MDV (Maximum Duty Vehicle) with Level Lift technology. Level Lift technology allows the user to move the cargo bed from the vehicle to flat on the ground and vice-versa. At any point during this movement cargo can be lifted, lowered or dumped. The Hustler MDV was recently shown to dealers at a Hustler company event in Nashville and will be on display at the GIE+EXPO in Louisville, KY later this month. Learn more:  Pinkstons

Comment:  This is another example of a power equipment company trying to take advantage of their unique distribution network. The turf and lawn care UTV market is seeing big name UTV brands using partnerships and contract manufacturing deals to reach this market, as well as, outdoor equipment brands develop their own products. It will be interesting to see how the level lift technology does in the market and whether other manufacturers will develop something similar. It could be popular in larger institutional or other settings where there might be interest in trying to limit work place injuries due to lifting cargo in and out of vehicles.

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