Maverick X3 Development Process

Can-Am Maverick X3 X rs side-by-side

The Maverick X3 X rs package is designed for riding the dunes or occasionally above them.

An article in PowerSports Business provides some details of the product development process for Can-Am’s recently launched Maverick X3 side-by-side. The process started from scratch and early on the company researched trophy truck, sandrails and dune buggie markets for design input. Side-by-side users have been migrating from these markets. Based on this research, Can-Am engineered a large trailing arm and up to 24″ of rear suspension to the Maverick X3 lineup. The wider 72″ X3 model will also appeal to the dune riding crowd. Another critical design element is the low center of gravity for the passengers.

The overall design revolved around the words defiant, precise and powerful. Since the X3 was positioned as the top of the product line vehicle, Can-Am wanted it to be a statement vehicle with an aggressive and bold look. Precise refers to the suspension and handling characteristics and powerful refers to the turbocharged engine.

According to Can-Am dealer response to the Maverick X3 has been enthusiastic. The MSRPs for the line were less than they expected given the vehicle features they had heard about, and they liked that they can prep the vehicles and put them in their customer’s hands within an hour. The key demographic for the X3 is men in their mid-40s looking for an exhilarating adrenaline rush and most will be migrating from ATVs or replacing another side-by-side. Learn more:

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