Polaris RZR XP Turbo S Reviews

Polaris RZR SP Turbo S

The RZR XP Turbo S has 25″ of usable front and rear suspension travel.

Polaris introduced their new, top-of-the-line RZR, the 72-inch RZR XP Turbo S in March. The RZR XP Turbo S was completely “redesigned and reengineered” with a reinforced chassis, stronger axels and other strengthened components. Like other high performance RZRs this model is powered by a 168 hp ProStar turbo H.O. engine. Rather than bump up the horsepower, Polaris beefed up almost every other aspect of the vehicle. The XP Turbo S features 32″ ITP Coyote tires 16″ of ground clearance and 25% more assist in power steering. This model also has the Dynamix Active Suspension system, 19″ or 21″ of wheel travel depending on settings and 25″ of what Polaris refers to as useable travel to the skid plate. The drive system is the new Isolated Xtreme Performance True On-Demand AWD/2WD with greater front drive impact strength, improved throttle control and a redesigned clutch box “..for better air flow and decreased belt temperatures.”

Other key specs and features of the RZR XP Turbo S include:

  • 4-Wheel Hydraulic Disc with Triple-Bore Front and Dual-Bore Rear Calipers
  • EPS
  • 2.5″/3″ FOX Podium Internal Bypass Shocks with Live Valve
  • Premium Sparco Steering Wheel
  • Bolstered Bucket Seats with 4-point Harness
  • Aluminum Roof
  • Bowed 1/4 Doors
  • Front Blacked Out White LED Low/High w/ Accent Lights & Rear Red LED Tail / Brake / Accent Lights
  • Rear Wired Camera
  • RIDE COMMAND™ 7” Glove-Touch Display with DYNAMIX Visualizer
  • Built-In GPS
  • Bluetooth & USB Smartphone Connectivity
  • GoPro® Control
  • In-Vehicle Communications Capable
  • Ride Command App Integration

The RZR XP Turbo S is available in Indy Red or Polaris Blue and has an MSRP of $27,499.

Below are highlights from reviews of the RZR XP Turbo S from a Polaris arranged test drive event in the desert near Las Vegas, NV. Not surprising for a high end vehicle, the reviews in general are predominantly positive. The Dynamix Active suspension with the new FOX shocks is a big hit. Reviewers are amazed at how the vehicle handles rough terrain and can corner. Reviewers noted the difficulty of the trails on which they drove the vehicles and on several occasions the vehicles easily handled terrain where the driver thought they had pushed the envelope too far. The new steering wheel is also widely praised. While the turbo provides the same horsepower as the previous RZR Turbo model, reviewers found the power output to be more than adequate and good throughout the throttle range. On the negative side, seat comfort could be an issue, one reviewer wants full doors and one wants a lower low range for rock crawling. The 4-point harness is welcomed but can take some adjusting.

UTVGuide.net – Las Vegas test drive first ride review

  • Feels sturdy and stout
  • Designed for 32″ tires
  • Can adjust suspension from the cab
  • Good visibility from the cockpit
  • Improved CVT cooling and stronger front differential
  • Liked the LED accent lights
  • Liked the new Sparco steering wheel
  • Not enough legroom
  • “Low range is too high for technical rock crawling.”
  • Too much seat movement in rough terrain
  • Hard to adjust harness
  • Usable travel is the distance from the bottom of the tires while at full droop to the skid plate.

UTVDriver.com – Las Vegas test drive first ride review

  • New Sparco steering wheel much better
  • EPS system works well similar to other RZRs
  • 32″ tires are “hook up well” and are smoother over obstacles than 29″ Bighorns
  • “Tires track and slide predictably” but wear relatively quickly in the rear in 2WD
  • Felt quick despite width and long travel
  • Punchy throughout throttle positions and a top speed of 85 mph
  • CVT belt appears more durable
  • Handles big bumps really well
  • Can drive with confidence with stronger suspension components
  • Would have liked full doors

Forbes.com – Las Vegas test drive  – This reviewer’s perspective is from a rider less experienced with high-end side-by-sides than the typical reviewers.

  • “…no flexing, clanking or rattling on the roughest of trails.”
  • Harness is “fiddly”
  • Soaks up the bumps
  • Provides a controlled and stable ride
  • “Ridiculously fast”

Dirt Trax Video  – Specs Review and some commentary

  • Best Polaris EPS system of any RZR to date
  • Balanced through the corners

SXSBlog.com – Full video review. Includes an informative discussion with Polaris technical about how the Dynamix system works.  This accompanying article provides an in-depth technical review.

  • Like the RIDE Command touchscreen
  • Linear power and well-tuned – more driveable
  • Impressive ride on very difficult terrain
  • Can really take a hit
  • “Dynamix system is real”
  • Longer throttle to control compared to X3
  • “Wow. that is super impressive…70 mph through those whoops”
  • “Tough and works really well”
  • Handles really well through corners

Brandon Pierce – Las Vegas test drive video

  • Love the steering wheel
  • Like the comfort setting on the suspension
  • Feels fast
  • This is a “beast”

Brandon Pierce – Polaris Marketing Spokesman Vehicle Walkaround & Main Points

  • Completely redesigned from old turbo model -not just larger tires and long travel kit
  • 168 hp turbo is the same but top speed increased to 85 mph and throttle mapping more aggressive for 32″ tires
  • Toughest machine – 32″ tires, which requires redesigned chassis and other components – control arms, tire rods, spherical, knuckles, trailing arms, radius rods, axles; larger and stronger front drive; improved clutch box and belt cooling
  • Higher ground clearance but same center of gravity as previous RZR Turbo
  • Most capable suspension – Smart travel with Dynamix Active suspension, usable travel and improved FOX Live Valve internal bypass shocks shocks
  • Most evolved cockpit – new Sparco wheel, new seats, 4-point harness, new driving position in relation to wheel and maintained sight lines; Ride Command with rear view camera;
  • Lower profile ROPS with more welds and generally beefier
  • Aluminum roof

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