Cub Cadet Launches Challenger 400 4×4

The new Challenger 400 4×4 UTV from Cub Cadet.

Cub Cadet continues to expand their utility vehicle line-up with the new Challenger 400 4×4. Building on the 2WD Challenger 400, the compact Challenger 400 4×4 has four-wheel drive and at only 50″ wide can fit into the bed of a standard pick-up truck. The new model is being positioned as a compact crossover UTV for work or play.

This model’s off-road capability is improved with enhanced ground clearance, heavy-duty shocks, 24″off-road tires, rear selectable locking differential and front automatic locking differential. The two-passenger Challenger 400 4×4 also features a 400 lbs cargo bed compared to the 350 lbs cargo bed in the 2WD models and can tow up to 1,200 lbs compared to 500 lbs. Other key specs include:

  • 14 hp, 404cc Subaru EX40 air cooled gas engine
  • 25 mph top speed
  • 10″ aluminum alloy wheels
  • Heavy-duty coil shocks
  • 5″ of front and rear suspension travel
  • Adjustable driver’s seat and adjustable headrests
  • LED headlights and brake light
  • Hard roof
  • 12V in-dash outlet
  • Ball mount and pin hitch
  • Dent-resistant, double-walled cargo bed with tie downs and bed divider slots

The MSRP for the Cub Cadet Challenger 400 4×4 is $7,499. See the¬†manufacturer’s video explaining key features.

The main differences between the new Challenger 400 4×4 and the base Challenger 400 include:

  • 4WD vs. 2WD
  • 400 lbs vs. 350 lbs cargo bed
  • 1,200 lbs vs. 500 lbs towing capacity
  • 6.7″ vs. 5.5″ of ground clearance
  • 5″/5″ vs. 6″/4.5″ of front/rear suspension travel
  • 24″ front and rear tires vs. 21″ front and 22″ rear tires
  • Hard roof
  • Alloy wheels
  • LED brake light
  • Headrests
  • 12V in-dash outlet
  • $7,499 vs. 5,599 MSRP

SVR’s Take:¬† Cub Cadet has really committed to reinvigorating their utility vehicle line-up. They started with the launch of the Challenger series in 2015 and have steadily added models to their lineup. The work and crossover segments have become highly competitive as many manufacturers view these market segments as growth opportunities. However, to be viable in these segments manufacturers need to make a long term commitment to product development, as the main players in the UTV market are frequently launching new vehicles and smaller manufacturers and imports are active as well. In addition, the main players have taken notice of the success of brands like Cub Cadet in the value end of the market, and launched new lower priced models or enhanced the value of their existing lower priced models.

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