Honda Pioneer Recall Is Massive

Honda Pioneer 700-4 utility vehicle part of recall.
The Honda Pioneer 700-4 is part of a large recall due to a steering control issue.

Honda Pioneer Recall Summary

Honda recently announced a massive recall of over 118,000 Pioneer UTVs due to the potential loss of steering control. The Honda Pioneer recall involves model year 2017 to 2019 and some 2020 Pioneer 700 models and 2016 to 2019 and some 2020 Pioneer 1000 models. Both crew and single row seating versions are included. Owners should immediately stop using the vehicles and contact their local Honda Powersports dealer for a free inspection and repair. The following recall details are from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Honda Pioneer Recall Details

Name of product: Honda Pioneer 700 & 1000 Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles (ROVs) with Electric Power Steering (EPS)

Hazard: The ROV can lose steering control, posing crash and injury hazards. 

Remedy: Repair

Recall date: December 3, 2020

Units: About 118,600

Consumer Contact: American Honda toll-free at 866-784-1870 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PT Monday through Friday or online at and click on “Recall Information” at the bottom of the page for more information.

Recall Details

Description: This recall involves Model Year 2017-2019 & certain 2020 Honda Pioneer 700 and 2016-2019 & certain 2020 Pioneer 1000 Side-by-Side vehicles equipped with Electric Power Steering (EPS).  The recalled vehicles were sold in various colors including:  Red, blue, green, gray and yellow.  The name “HONDA” is on the front, sides and the rear of the vehicle.  The model name Pioneer 700 or Pioneer 1000 is printed on a label located on both sides of the vehicle.  The serial number (VIN #) is stamped in the frame at the left rear, below the tilt-up bed/seat.

MYModelVIN StartVIN End
2017Pioneer 700 – 2  Passenger (SXS700M2*)1HFVE02**H43000011HFVE02**H4303722
2017Pioneer 700 – 4  Passenger (SXS700M4*)1HFVE02**H43000011HFVE02**H4350720
2018Pioneer 700 – 2  Passenger (SXS700M2*)1HFVE02**J44000011HFVE02**J4402760
2018Pioneer 700 – 4  Passenger (SXS700M4*)1HFVE02**J44000011HFVE02**J4451320
2019Pioneer 700 – 2  Passenger (SXS700M2*)1HFVE02**K45000011HFVE02**K4502100
2019Pioneer 700 – 4  Passenger (SXS700M4*)1HFVE02**K45000011HFVE02**K4550600
2020Pioneer 700 – 2  Passenger (SXS700M2*)1HFVE02**L46000011HFVE02**L4601500
2020Pioneer 700 – 4  Passenger (SXS700M4*)1HFVE02**L46000011HFVE02**L4650780
2016Pioneer 1000 – 3  Passenger (SXS1000M3*)1HFVE04**G40000011HFVE04**G4008403
2016Pioneer 1000 – 5  Passenger (SXS1000M5*)1HFVE04**G40000011HFVE04**G4010507
2017Pioneer 1000 – 3  Passenger (SXS1000M3*)1HFVE04**H41000011HFVE04**H4102101
2017Pioneer 1000 – 5  Passenger (SXS1000M5*)1HFVE04**H41000011HFVE04**H4103000
2018Pioneer 1000 – 3  Passenger (SXS1000M3*)1HFVE04**J42000011HFVE04**J4205460
2018Pioneer 1000 – 5  Passenger (SXS1000M5*)1HFVE04**J42000011HFVE04**J4210320
2019Pioneer 1000 – 3  Passenger (SXS1000M3*)1HFVE04**K43000011HFVE04**K4301920
2019Pioneer 1000 – 5  Passenger (SXS1000M5*)1HFVE04**K43000011HFVE04**K4302460
2020Pioneer 1000 – 3  Passenger (SXS1000M3*)1HFVE04**L44000011HFVE04**L4403180
2020Pioneer 1000 – 5  Passenger (SXS1000M5*)1HFVE04**L44000011HFVE04**L4404620

 Remedy:  Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled ROVs and contact an authorized Honda Powersports dealer to schedule an appointment for a free inspection and repair, if necessary.  Honda is contacting all known purchasers directly.

Incidents/Injuries:  The firm has received 8 reports of the ROV’s having either play in the steering or losing control of steering.  No injuries or accidents have been reported.

Sold At: Authorized Honda Powersports dealers nationwide from August 2015 through March 2020 for approximately between $10,000 and $21,000.

Manufacturer(s):  American Honda Motor Co., Inc., of Torrance, Calif.

Manufactured In: United States

Recall number: 21-711

Report an Incident Involving this Product 

SVR’s Take

This is a really large recall, likely encompassing most of Honda’s Pioneer UTV sales over the last five years.  This is more evidence that the industry appears to have a quality control problem. The 2016 to 2019 Honda Pioneer 1000 UTVs have previously been recalled for a throttle pedal issue. In addition, another recall for a throttle body issue overlaps 2016 to 2018 models. SVR estimates that over the last several years no less than 14% and often more than 25% of the total UTV market are recalled annually. These figures count models with more than one recall only once. SVR tracks industry recalls on an ongoing basis.

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  1. I am looking to purchase a 2020 pioneer 700-2.
    SN# 1HFVE02E0L4601279.
    Is this unit on the recall list.
    If so , has this units recall been corrected.

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