Club Car's Onward 2 Passenger Gas vehicle for personal transportation features a 404cc Subaru engine with EFI and 14 hp. Other features include SportDrive steering, independent A-arm front suspension, AlumiCore frame and TPO front body. Custom options for wheels, seats, colors and other accessories are available. Details & Specs
Price Range: $8,074
The Club Car V4L Electric is powered by a 3.3 hp DC motor paired with a 250 amp DC motor controller. This four passenger model has two forward-facing and two rear-facing seats, all terrain Kraken tires, and 6.4" of ground clearance. The V4L has the same suspension and rear seats as the lifted Onward. Details & Specs
Price Range: $8,500-$8,995
The Club Car Villager 2 PTV Electric seats two and is powered by a 3.3 hp, 48-volt DC motor and has a 250 amp solid state controller and ERIC charger. This model features SportsDrive steering and suspension, wrap-around bumpers, Kenya Pro Tour tires, Champion alloy wheels, headlights and a horn. Details & Specs
Price Range: $6,729
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