Ever since Torakusu Yamaha built his first organ in 1887, the name Yamaha has stood for innovation and ingenuity. But what really gave the Yamaha name a boost of power was the creation of Yamaha Motors in 1955. From this beginning came some of the world's most celebrated motorcycles, water vehicles, racing engines, ATVs and golf cars.
Golf Cars From high performance motorcycles to wave slicing watercraft, Yamaha has a long proven history of success. From practical design to definitive performance, Yamaha golf cars are following down the same path. So take a test drive and you too will see how Yamaha is winning customers over all the way from the house to the clubhouse.
Utility Vehicles Yamaha Utility Vehicles are as versatile and hard working as you are. This makes them the perfect vehicles for resorts, building supply warehouses and just about everything in between.

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