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Electric Partnership of Omni Gear and MAGELEC Propulsion

Date: 6/6/2018 4:40:25 PM Category: Manufacturer News
HOUSTON, June 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Geared transmission engineering and manufacturing firm Omni Gear® releases details of their Vector Electric (Ve®) medium and high voltage electric drive system for off-highway vehicles. Co-developed with MAGELEC Propulsion, the electric motor engineering firm behind Formula E and E TCR Championships, the new Ve® series program creates hereto before unheralded electric powertrain performance.  
The drive unit integrates a high-efficiency Omni Gear Power Hub® planetary drives with an Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Motor produced by MAGELEC Propulsion, to create an axially-compact drive solution for innovative drive solutions. "The engineering teams collaborated to create and validate the most axially compact, torque dense drive solution, this is revolutionizing off-highway equipment design. The medium and high voltage Ve program extends our electric powertrain offering, from low voltage systems suitable for low-speed vehicles to high power systems for heavy chassis and improved performance," explained James Whaley, President of Omni Gear.  
"Design flexibility through modular integration is the key to the program. MAGELEC produces extremely torque dense motors from 75 to 500kW, and Omni Gear produces planetary hubs from 1,000 Nm to 50,000 Nm. By blending power, torque and speed, the new Ve line is replacing traditional diesel hydraulic powertrain with a more efficient, environmentally friendly solution. In addition, the performance aspects of the axial flux motor, with it a high continuous torque capability from 1 RPM to base speed, improve low-speed performance and gradeability in a way that no hydraulic system, variable or two speed, could match," stated Tom Bockelmann, MAGELEC's North America Application Engineer. "Additionally, the integrated systems control with power electronics offers a level of precision, torque vectoring and energy recuperation that makes the machinery easier, safer to operate at a lower cost."
Source: PRNewswire.com
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