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Plow for utility vehicles works in tight spaces

Date: 12/9/2015 7:16:34 AM Category: Product Introductions
The SnowDogg VUT65 plow from Buyers Products attaches to utility vehicles. Use it to remove snow around municipal centers, government offices, school campuses, health care facilities and other locations. Grounds crews can use it to aggressively clear tight spaces such as walk-ways and small parking lots. The unit, which is designed to work with most full-size utility vehicles, offers solid control in cramped spots. It features sturdy stainless steel construction for durability. The unit has a simple torsional trip edge design for smooth plowing. The product’s 6-inch lift cylinder and 35-degree travel enable efficient snow stacking. Other features include:
  •  Efficient V-plow design offers narrow, 60-inch width (at V), a 70-degree attack angle and fast-acting hydraulics,
  • Aggressively flared moldboard is designed to move the maximum volume of snow. It is coupled with a simple, torsional trip edge for smooth plowing.
  • Double-acting cylinders provide powerful back-dragging.
  • Greasable hinge pin ensures easy maintenance.
  • Fast acting hydraulics for quick operation.
  • Standard, wire-reinforced blade guides.
  • Digital controller has large, glove-friendly buttons. 
It can be used with one hand. Established in 1946, Buyers Products manufactures a variety of products for the mobile equipment industry. The firm makes a line of truck accessories and equipment.
Source: Americancityandcounty.com
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