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Gifts For The Golf Car Owner

Published: 12/16/2015 Author: Marc Cesare Category: Buying Guides

The holiday season is upon us, and you might have family or friends on your gift list that own a golf car or LSV. What could be some good gift ideas for such a person? I decided to check in with a couple of golf car dealers and see what’s popular in their markets.

I posed the question to Jack Triolo, a long time golf car dealer and owner of Mountaintop Golf Cars. He also operates GolfCarCatalog.com, an online accessories and parts stories. He provided a number of gift possibilities spanning a range of price points from under $50 to $500. His dealership is in a hilly corner of North Carolina so ceramic heaters powered by a small bottle of liquid propane are popular in the colder months. This is available for just over $60 and comes with a cup holder adapter.

If the person on your list is also a hunter then there are a few options to choose from including a camouflage rain curtain ($330), gun racks/holders or bow holder. The holders, depending on type, can cost you between $100 and $200. The rain curtains are available in a number of the most popular camouflage designs such as Mossy Oak Breakup, Shadow Grass and Real Tree Hardwood.

Now, if you want to add some utility to the golf car with your gift and have a sizable budget then a rear seat box kit or rear seat kit might be for you. The former will cost you about $500 and the latter around $400 to $500 depending on the type of seat and the golf car model.

If bling is the thing you want to gift then there are a few options available, as well. One is seat covers. For the hunter there are a variety of camouflage seat covers that will set you back between $90 to $190. For under $50, universal imitation fleece seat covers are available while simulated shearling seat covers in a number of colors are available for around $60.

Another option is to dress up the person’s golf car with brush guards. They add style and functionality as they protect the front of the golf car and the lights if the owner likes to venture off-road for hunting, fishing or general outdoor adventure. There are a variety of options in the $150 to $250 range. Staying with the style and function theme, a pair of fender flares can also do the trick and cost around $65 and are available in a number of color options including gold, chrome and the always-fashionable black.

If the person on your list has an affinity for a particular college or university, then what better way to ring in the football bowl season then a set of hubcaps adorned with the school logo.  A variety of school logos are available and a set of four will cost you just under $75.

Another way to spruce up a golf car is to add new custom carpets. They are available for the bag well, the passenger and the sweater areas of the golf car but most people buy them for the passenger area. A plain carpet will cost you around $100 while an embroidered carpet is slightly more at $125. There is a range of options available including colors, cut pile or loop style carpet, letter size, letter style and if the golf car has a floor switch installed. For embroidered carpet you can choose just initials or, depending on your letter size and style choices and if the person’s name is small enough, their whole name might fit.

I also spoke with Larry Deese of Boulineau’s Beach Buggies of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. As you might guess, this dealership serves a beach community. While the winter months are typically a slow time for the business, he did offer a few examples for gift ideas. On the less expensive side, rear or side view mirrors make a nice practical gift. Also popular is a fold-down, tinted windshield.

If the person on your list likes using electronics in their golf car, for around $50 a USB phone port is available. It will work with 48V, 36V or 12V systems. Another option is a sportier or more stylish steering wheel. Of course, there is always the gift card possibility.

More expensive gifting options include golf car enclosures which can cost anywhere from $190 to $350 depending on the product. For that special someone you can also get his or her golf car seats re-upholstered for about $400.

Enjoy the holidays and happy gifting.

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