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Gifts For The Side-By-Side Owner

Published: 12/17/2015 Author: Marc Cesare Category: Buying Guides

The holiday season is upon us, and you might have family or friends on your gift list that own a side-by-side/utility vehicle. What could be some good gift ideas for such a person? I decided to check in with a couple of power sports dealers and see what’s popular in their markets.

I first checked in with AZ West Allsports of Lake Havasu City, AZ, which caters to recreational side-by-side owners who like to ride the local dunes and desert trails. They are a big seller of Polaris vehicles. A lot of the accessories for side-by-sides can be on the expensive side, but if you are looking for a less expensive gift a pair of gloves or goggles might be the answer. A pair of gloves will cost around $15, while goggles can range from $30 to $50 at the dealership.

A popular accessory to consider as gift is some type of lighting for the vehicle. There are a variety of LED light bars available ranging in price from around $150 for a 4” light bar to $650 for a 35” light bar. A light harness is typically required when buying a light bar. Another option is accent lighting, which start at $35 apiece.

Another big-ticket item to consider is a sound system. A Dash-Mounted Audio Kit or the MTX Overhead Audio Pod will cost around $600 and a Sound Bar 4 with dual midrange/midbass speaker and two dedicated tweeters is $380. These products all feature Bluetooth connectivity as does the Waterproof Bluetooth Audio Kit fro $250. This kit can be attached in a variety of locations or can be removed for use elsewhere or to be recharged. The rechargeable battery lasts 12 hours per charge.

I also spoke with Jeff Griffith of Griffith Cycle in Chattanooga, TN, an Arctic Cat dealer whose side-by-side customer base rides the rocky and forested trails in the area. Some popular items in his area include storage bags. For example, an Overhead Bag, Kick Panel Bag or Shoulder Bag are available for $80 to $90 depending on the model. A more expensive storage option is a Trunk Bag for $220.

Some ideas for $50 or less include grab handles, a padded armrest or cell phone/GPS holder. Billet pieces are another popular item.

Pricier gift ideas include a winch kit for $500 or, if you are buying for a hunter, a gun scabbard and mount for a Prowler HDX make a nice gift for just over $200.

Enjoy the holidays and happy gifting.

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