John Deere XUV

$15,999 (est.)
The XUV825i Midnight Black is a special edition of the XUV825i (2014). It essentially appears to duplicate the features of the XUV825i, except for the finish is a matte black and matching matte black alloy rims. (Some information in the Midnight Black specs are left blank.) If you like black and appreciate the extra styling--and this is worth $3-$4,000 more out of your bank account--the Midnight Black SE may be for you. The XUV825i line features a 3 cyl. 812 cc EFI engine, top speed, 44 mph. Assuming the SE will graft on standard features of the SUV825i line, it will come with a CVT transmission, 4WD on demand, hydraulic disc brakes, front and rear, power steering, formidable load, cargo box, and towing capacities, and wide array of accessories to build your own.
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