Tomberlin SDX 150

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At Tomberlin Outdoor we put you in touch with your wild side. Far from the beaten track we put you on vehicles that will take you there...and bring you back. Our line of Outdoor Vehicles is engineered to be tough, safe and fun. Why are our outdoor vehicles so good? Because we drive them. We test every one of our vehicles on our own off road proving ground, RiverCross, where tough is tested. If it doesn't pass our test, you'll never see it. When you roll off the road, you're taking a vehicle built for worry free operation. Built and driven by people who know what you need, a vehicle that's easy to start, with durable components and features like integrated running boards for enhanced protection, tires that are directional for optimal traction and performance, an engine with power and an adjustable suspension to make sure a rough road doesn't rough you up.


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