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Price & Warranty
Base Price Contact Dealer
Battery Type 24
Controller Solid State, Self Diagnostics
Horsepower 5.7 hp
Motor Separately Excited DC Motor
Body & Chassis
Frame Material 3/8" Steel
Frame Construction Fully Welded Unitized
Hitch Rear Yes
Suspension & Wheels
Suspension Rear Rubber Compression
Steering Automotive Steering 24:1
Tires Front Size 10 x 4
Tires Rear Size 4 x 8
Tires Front Material Soft Solid
Tires Rear Material Soft Solid
Brakes Rear Hydraulic Brake
Parking Brake Hand Operated Parking Brake
Num Wheel 4
Safety Features
Seat Belts No
Headlights Yes
Horn No
Bumpers No
Safety Options Standard: Brake Lights
Transmission & Driveline
Drive Unit/Differential GT Automotive Type, Differential
Transmission Oil Bath, Sealed Helical Gear Primary Reduction to Hypoid Ring and Pinion Gears
Length 77.25 in
Width 35 in
Height 43.25 in
Wheelbase 55.12 in
Curb Weight 1790 lb
Ground Speed Forward 6 mph
Range 18 mi
Turning Radius 4.9 ft
Towing Capacity 9000 lb
Available Colors
Safety Orange
Seating Type Adjustable, Spring Loaded with Electric Interlock Switch
Instrumentation Smart View Display (Battery Status Indicator, Hour Meter, Fault Code Display), Reverse Alarm
Power Steering No
Cup Holders No
Glove Box No
Seating Capacity 1

Taylor-Dunn Tow Tractor E-455

Base Price: Contact Dealer
The Taylor-Dunn sit down Tow Tractor E-455 has a 24 volt powertrain with a 10 hp DC motor and features a 9,000 lb. towing capacity and a 6 mph top speed. This three-wheel model features a 3/8" welded steel frame, hydraulic disc brakes, and heavy duty steel bumper.
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Tax Incentives
May qualify for $1000 federal tax rebate for small vehicles
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