Hisun Motors Introduces Electric UTV With 45 Mile Range

The new Sector E1 electric UTV from Hisun Motors.

The new Sector E1 electric UTV from Hisun Motors.

HISUN Motors takes a big step forward with the announcement of the all-new Sector E1 electric Utility Vehicle, adding yet another quality vehicle to their line-up. Building on the success of the Sector UTV line’s performance and modern advancements in electric technology, HISUN is excited to enter the growing electric UTV market. The Sector E1 4×4 is a mid-size UTV which provides quiet performance thanks to its powerful 48 volt 36hp AC drivetrain. The Sector E1 starts at an MSRP as low as $10,199.

HISUN’s Sector E1 features 4-wheel independent nitrogen suspension, 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, and an industry best run time. The Sector E1 is the first electric UTV on the market with the Discover EV Traction Dry Cell Battery technology that is maintenance free and designed for longer run times and a longer life. The Discover EV Traction Dry Cell Battery is also recyclable, built from recycled parts, and will deliver an estimated 45 miles on a single charge. HISUN has leveraged superior North American technology for integral components such as the Kinetek Motor, Delta Q IC1200 Chargers, and 450 Amp Sevcon Gen IV controllers. Dealer and customer feedback has helped refine the end product of the vehicle resulting in the Ultimate Electric Utility Vehicle.

The introduction of the Sector E1 will strongly position HISUN into a segment of the UTV market which has grown year over year in comparison to the gas UTV market. “We felt like with the improvements in battery technology coupled with the North American sourced supply chain of critical drivetrain components will lead to a much more reliable product and runtime that is “first in its class” compared with price,” said Shane Wilson, VP of Engineering and Operations. Learn more:  Hisunmotors.com

Comment:  Whereas in the past electric utility vehicles have mainly been targeted at the hunting market, newer models like the Sector E1 are looking for a broader appeal for work or recreation applications. In part the trend is because the hunting segment has turned out to be a niche market, but advances in battery and powertrain technology is also increasing the range and potential end use applications for electric UTVs.

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