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Marc Cesare

Hi, this is Marc Cesare and I am one of the primary contributors to this blog which focuses on NEVs/LSVs, utility vehicles and golf cars, what my colleague and fellow blog contributor Steve Metzger and I refer to as the small, task-oriented vehicle market (STOV). Both of us work for International Marketing Solutions (IMS), a management consulting firm, which helps clients cost-effectively enter and expand international operations and markets. I have an extensive background in market research covering a broad range of industries and products and creating numerous syndicated and proprietary market studies. Most involve a mixture of primary research based on interviewing industry executives and secondary research.

In addition to working with IMS I also consult for The Elliott Group which helps clients learn about and understand their online customers and uses this knowledge to develop customer information strategies and directives for website development. I have an MBA from Columbia School of Business and focused on Chemistry and Philosophy as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania. I currently reside in Brooklyn, NY with my wife and three children.

bio-stephen-metzger Steve Metzger is the other primary contributor to this blog        and is a Managing Director of IMS . In his 26 years in market  research and as a management consultant, Mr. Metzger has analyzed a wide range of industries and markets, including fibers and textiles, apparel, consumer electronics, home medical instruments and products, jewelry, and low speed electric vehicles. He has consulted with major international firms in developing market entry strategies and expansion feasibility. Mr. Metzger’s corporate experience, prior to his consulting activities, includes executive and management positions in corporate planning and business development. He is founder and Principal of International Competitive Assessments, a market research and consulting firm focusing on internationally competitive industries.

In addition, he is a senior editorial adviser for IUV magazine, which covers industrial utility vehicles and mobile equipment markets, and an adjunct professor of economics and international business at Iona College and Mercy College in Westchester County, New York. Mr. Metzger is a graduate of Yale University and has a Ph.D. in economics from Rice University.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Marc,
    I also have worked and received advsie from Steve.
    If you would like I could post a blog entry on LSV’s based on my experiences. You can also visit my blog at http://ecovelectric.blogspot.com to learn more about my thoughts. The key question to ask is why we have not been able get funded?
    We have the understanding and experience to know how to build product, having done it many times before. My blog predicted the trouble Tesla was going to get into, simply because they do not know, what they do not know and that is significant amount of knowledge. Without that knowledge you are doomed to failure. automotive is a lot tougher than it appears.

  2. Just found your site. Just what I needed. Am trying to have an ordinance pasted, here in Bryan, Ohio, to allow LSVs on the city roadways.


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