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This blog focuses on the market for NEVs/LSVs, utility vehicles and golf cars, what my colleague Steve Metzger and I (Marc Cesare) refer to as the small, task-oriented vehicle market (STOV). I am an associate with the management consulting firm International Marketing Solutions (IMS) and Steve Metzger is a managing director and we have been covering this market since 2000 when we put out the first of now four bi-annual studies looking at this market.

While others have looked at these markets separately, we have always viewed these vehicles as part of a composite market with a wide range of distribution channels and manufacturers that come at the market from different backgrounds and strengths but often cross paths and compete against one another. This blog will cover many of the same areas and themes surfaced in our latest study of this small vehicle market including: globalization of the market, growing use of electrics, technology developments, regulatory and government impacts, market fragmentation, company news, etc. Steve will also be contributing to this blog and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

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2 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Marc Cesare,

    This is an excellent site. I have started a dialogue with your associate Steve Metzger. He suggested that your BLOG might benefit from some information about a new Military Off-Road Testing Site (MORTS) that AVRC is developing in Danville Virginia.

    Accordingly, I have provided more information at this link- http://www.avrc.com/presentations/AVRC_Virginia.doc

    In addition, here is a link with an overview of past AVRC activities – http://www.avrc.com/presentations/October_2008_AVRC_v1.ppt

    Warm Regards

    Richard Dell


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