Road Use Regulations Roundup – November, 2010

Some themes in this latest regulation roundup:

  • More municipalities pass ordinances allowing the use of LSVs on public low speed roads.
  • Some municipalities rejecting the use of golf cars and mini-trucks on public roads because of safety concerns while another moves ahead on allowing the vehicles.
  • Expanded access on-road and off-road for UTVs

Fresno, CA – A bill passed by the Senate and was later signed by the governor that would allow Fresno to develop a neighborhood electric vehicle plan. A similar bill was signed that would authorize the County of Amador and the cities of Jackson, Sutter Creek, and Amador City, jointly or individually, to establish a similar neighborhood electric vehicle transportation plan.

Sicamous, British Columbia – City council voted not to allow LSVs on roads with speed limits greater than 40km/hr stating liability issues and the fact that the province has not endorsed LSVs yet.

Manitoba, CA – The provincial transportation department will be testing an LSV for performance in cold weather conditions as a precursor to potentially allowing LSVs on low speed provincial streets.

Platteville, IA – City council approved the use of LSVs on city streets.

Hudson, WI – City passes ordinance to allow NEVs on certain streets.

Columbia, IL – City council voted to allow the use of LSVs on local roads despite the police chief’s concern over safety.

New Westminster, Canada – The city is amending their laws to allow LSVs on low speed streets.

Madison, GA – City council decided not to allow golf cars on city streets.  the council previously passed an ordinance allowing LSVs on the streets.

Southern Shores, TX – Town council decided against allowing golf cars to be driven on city streets with the police chief citing accident statistics regarding golf cars and the lack of safety features.  The town does allow LSVs.

Faribault, MN – City council is looking to ease restrictions on driving golf cars and mini-trucks on city streets.

Chadron, SD – City council voted to allow UTVs on city streets under the same rules that currently apply to ATVs.

Duluth, MN – City council voted to not allow mini-trucks on public roads.

Iowa – The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is opening three of their eight off-highway vehicle parks to utility vehicles.

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