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Small Vehicle Resource, LLC (SVR) was founded in 2012 by Marc Cesare, Stephen Metzger and Andrew Kagan. SVR was developed to serve the growing market of what we refer to as the Small, Task-Oriented Vehicles (STOV, which includes utility vehicles, golf cars and low-speed vehicles (NEVs/LSVs). The founders saw a need in the growing but fragmented STOV market for a one-stop online resource to provide consumers with research, shopping and purchasing information for these vehicles and provide dealers and manufacturers with a marketing platform where they can reach new and existing customers.

SVR's Mission
  • The mission of Smallvehicleresource.com is to become:
    • The premier researching and shopping resource for people purchasing utility vehicles, golf cars, NEVs/LSVs and other small task oriented vehicles
    • A source for high-quality sales leads
    • A valuable marketing platform for manufacturers, dealers and other providers of products and services in the STOV market
  • www.smallvehicleresource.com addresses the needs of purchasers by:
    • Providing a more efficient research and shopping experience
    • Helping them make better and more informed purchase decisions
    • Exposing them to the growing product choices that characterize this dynamic market
  • For manufacturers and dealers the website will help them:
    • Reach beyond their current distribution channel to additional market segments
    • Efficiently market to niche segments in a market that is characterized by an extensive range of vehicle applications but low sales volume per customer
    • Expand their geographical coverage
    • Provide a new cost-efficient and targeted marketing platform
Stephen Metzger, Managing Director

Mr. Metzger started Small Vehicle Resource (SVR) with Marc Cesare and Andrew Kagan in 2012. Stephen Metzger brings to SVR a wide range of experience in international market studies and consulting. In his 26 years in market research and as a management consultant, Mr. Metzger has analyzed a wide range of industries and markets.

Mr. Metzger is Principal of International Competitive Assessments, which he founded in 1980. ICA is a market research and consulting firm focusing on internationally competitive industries. He also co-founded International Marketing Solutions (IMS), a management consulting firm, which helps clients cost-effectively enter and expand international operations and markets. As a Principal in ICA and IMS Mr. Metzger undertook and directed studies in the areas of fibers and textiles, apparel, consumer electronics, home medical instruments and products, jewelry, educational software, and the growing market for low speed electric vehicles, among others. He has consulted with major international firms in developing market entry strategies and expansion feasibility. He has published over 200 studies for clients throughout his career. His clients include major U.S., Japanese, and European firms. In the area of small business development and entrepreneurship, Mr. Metzger, through ICA, has served in a consulting capacity for small and minority businesses under the auspices of the National Minority Business Council and the State of New York, and for the New York/New Jersey Port Authority (international trade development for tri-state companies). Mr. Metzger designed management and market strategies for these firms and rationalized their distribution systems, which paved the way for new business and expansion.

Mr. Metzger’s corporate experience, prior to his consulting activities, includes executive and management positions in corporate planning and business development for three major U.S. corporations. During this period he analyzed numerous energy-related and raw materials industries. He was principal designer at Continental Oil Company (now Conoco) of an extensive linear programming model of the U.S. energy industry.

He is an adjunct professor of economics at Fordham University and at York College (CUNY). Mr. Metzger is a graduate of Yale University and has a Ph.D. in economics from Rice University. He lives with his family in Cortlandt Manor, Westchester County, New York.

Marc Cesare, Managing Director

Mr. Cesare started Small Vehicle Resource with Stephen Metzger and Andrew Kagan in 2012. Mr. Cesare is the main contributor to the website’s blog and develops other content as well such as the vehicle database and informational articles. Other responsibilities include marketing, website usability and customer research.

Previously Mr. Cesare has produced syndicated and proprietary research studies with Stephen Metzger for fifteen years, including a long running study of the Small Task-Oriented Vehicle (STOV) market , which includes NEVs/LSVs, utility vehicles and golf cars. Mr. Cesare has also conducted research in a wide range of battery end markets.

Before starting SVR Mr. Cesare worked with Mr. Metzger for International Marketing Solutions (IMS), a management consulting firm, which helps clients cost-effectively enter and expand international operations and markets. Prior to that Mr. Cesare worked at The Elliott Group where he provided clients with strategic and tactical consulting based on user research for website and e-service development. This work included conducting remote and in-person usability research and other qualitative research to support e-service development from concept testing to pre-launch website testing to post launch fine-tuning.

Mr. Cesare has an MBA from Columbia School of Business and focused on Chemistry and Philosophy as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania. He currently reside in Brooklyn, NY with my wife and three children.

Andrew Kagan, Managing Director

Andrew Kagan has been involved with automotive publishing for more than 20 years, and has worked on electronic publishing for more than a decade. He has developed many content portals for magazines and has led development of multiple ecommerce platforms.

SVR Dealer Services
  • Free basic dealer directory listing – Dealers can get listed in the SVR dealer directory for free. The basic listing includes name, address, phone, website and social media information. Sign up for a free basic listing now.
  • Premium dealer directory listing—Allows you to display additional information about your dealership on your own personalized dealer page. The additional information could include such items as a company history, a company vision statement, detail on the sales and services provided, company personnel, a picture of the dealership and/or company personnel, sales events, and current inventory. Once created, the page can be routinely updated. Sign up for a Premium Listing now.
  • Preferred Positioning—Preferred Positioning positions and highlights your dealership listing at the top of dealer search results for any zip code-based searches within 25 miles of your dealership's location. Since the Preferred Positioning service is exclusive within a 25 mile radius of the zip code of the participating dealer, the service is available on a first come first serve basis. Sign up for Preferred Positioning now.
  • Vehicle Price Quotes—The SVR quote request functionality allows customers to request detailed quotes on specific vehicles. These are highly qualified leads from registered users who have already researched vehicles on the SVR website. Potential customers are prompted for extensive demographic information so you can pinpoint selling points, upgrades and options based on their needs. You can preview quote requests before committing to respond, avoiding lost time and effort due to mis-targeted quote requests. Sign up for Vehicle Price Quotes now.
  • On-Site Demo Requests—If you offer vehicle demos to customers at their location then you can get requests for demos through the SVR website. Potential customers are prompted for extensive demographic information so you can evaluate the request. You can preview demo requests before committing to respond, avoiding lost time and effort. Sign up for a On-site Demo Requests.
SVR Manufacturer Services

SVR offers manufacturers marketing opportunities on the website to reach the STOV market as well as market research services.

Marketing opportunities on www.smallvehicleresource.com include:

  • Advertising – Opportunities for placing ads are available either across pages of the website or displayed on specific pages based on visitor searches. Ads can be a variety of sizes from banner size down to smaller square shaped ads.
  • Press release distribution – Press releases can be posted in our breaking news feature and/or distributed to our opt-in customer email list
  • Vehicle database - SVR can also work with vehicle manufacturers to get their product lineup or recently launched new models into the SVR vehicle database as quickly as possible.
  • Dealer promotional packages – SVR can offer special promotional packages to a manufacturer’s dealer network if manufacturers can assist SVR in promoting our dealer services to their network.
Market Research services

SVR offers manufacturers syndicated research studies such as our latest report on the STOV market as well as proprietary research services. One of our recent proprietary projects involved testing a new utility vehicle concept, sizing the market and then testing the prototype vehicle out in the field with potential customers and developing a go-to-market strategy. We also have extensive experience researching component markets related to STOVs such as batteries.

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