Rough Terrain UTVs: Is Electric Power Making Inroads?

Electric ATVs to hit the market – Potentially an indicator of electric power making further inroads into rough terrain utility vehicles, a number of electric ATVs are expected to hit the market in the near future. Barefoot Motors is coming out with their Model One and All Electric Vehicles Unlimited signed an agreement to distribute three electric ATV models under the brand GEO in North and South America. They are manufactured in Italy.

4 thoughts on “Rough Terrain UTVs: Is Electric Power Making Inroads?

  1. Marc, great blog! I’ll be following your comments closely as your coverage of the “STOVs” is of great interest to me. Thank you for your post on this new era of off road electric vehicles. As a society we should be all be thinking of how we convert to EVs for low mileage vehicles as fast as possible. The technology is there they don’t have to be wimpy, and we don’t expect our customers to compromise on performance. Our new vehicle is almost completed!!

  2. There are several electric ATV’s already on the market for several years now.
    I know Zap has electric ATVs.
    A friend of mine ordered his from a company in south eastern US. I can get more details if anyone is interested.
    He uses his for deer hunting. Quiet. No petroleum smell. Plenty of power. Present this info to real hunting enthusiasts, these things should sell themselves. Sure beats smearing deer urine all over your ATV.
    Anyone marketing electric ATVs needs to have a booth at the next Hunting, Gun, Amo expo in any city.

  3. sprout72,

    Is the vehicle from the south eastern US you are thinking of a Bad Boy Buggy. If so it has dual electric motors. although they refer to it as an ATV it more closely resembles utility vehicles like the rhino, gator, etc.


  4. It most surely was a Bad Boy Buggy, the first all-electric 4×4 utility vehicle. Check out the new Bad Boy XT with 40hp, increased torque, and 4-wheel independent suspension. This is a great Blog! Hope Barefoot Motors is doing well.


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