Chicago To Pilot Test LSVs As Taxis

Later this year the City of Chicago is planning to start a pilot project to test the viability of using low speed vehicles as taxicabs in certain areas of the city.

I spoke with Efrat Stein, a spokeswoman for the city’s Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection and she stated that the first step in the program is the passage of an LSV ordinance by the City Council.   The ordinance, recently proposed by Mayor Daley, just made it through the Traffic Committee today and should be placed for a vote before the full council later this month.  Stein currently sees no issues that would impede passage of the ordinance.

The city has not chosen a specific LSV for the pilot yet and will not begin the process until the ordinance passes.  The minimum requirement is that the LSV has to have four doors and be able to seat four people. Learn more

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