Farming Market Showing Strength For Utility Vehicles

Signs of a strong farm segment were apparent at the recent Iowa Power Farming Show held earlier this month.  Both the number of visitors and exhibitors increased from last year’s show.  Organizers surveyed over 2,000 attendees on their purchase plans for 2010.  Utility vehicles ranked fifth in the results with 11.4% of respondents indicating that they planned to purchase utility vehicles.  They were behind tractors, guidance/precision ag equipment, grain bins/dryers and pick-up trucks.  As a comparison 14.7% of respondents were planning on purchasing pick-up trucks.

I spoke with the show director Tom Junge and while he did not have a utility vehicle percentage from last year’s show he reported that the category placed fifth that year as well.  He also remarked that the grain segment as opposed to the livestock segment in the agriculture market has been strong the past year and this is expected to continue this year as well. – Marc Cesare Learn more:

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