E-Z-Go Launches Their 2Five LSV

E-Z-Go 2Five LSV

E-Z-Go enters the LSV market with the 2Five

Yesterday E-Z-go announced the launch of the company’s first LSV, the 2Five.  The 2Five features a 48-volt AC electric powertrain, hydraulic disc brakes and an on-board charger.  Targeting the neighborhood travel segment, the 2Five meets NHTSA’s LSV standard but can also be set for golf course use.

The 2Five includes four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes for superior braking and vehicle control. The windshield is automotive safety glass. Rearview mirrors provide the 2Five’s operator with clear sightlines to see nearby vehicles. A complete automotive lighting package, including headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals, provides for visibility and safety on public streets. Three-point seat belts are designed to protect front and rear passengers. Radial tires offer superior wear and stopping performance. Vehicle maintenance and performance warnings are displayed electronically on the dash to alert the driver on the operation of key vehicle systems. In addition, a “rabbit/turtle” switch on the dash conveniently limits the 2Five’s speed to 14 mph when conditions require lower speeds, or to prevent turf damage in instances when the 2Five is being used as a golf vehicle.

Eco-friendly features include a 48-volt, zero-emissions electric powertrain that uses AC current. The electric drivetrain lowers vehicle noise and eliminates use of hazardous fuel and oil, and the 2Five’s AC Drive system requires less energy to operate than traditional DC-powered electric vehicles. Regenerative braking puts energy back into the vehicle’s batteries whenever brakes are applied to maintain a quality driving experience between battery charges. An on-board solid-state battery charger is energy efficient and makes charging simple. The 2Five’s foam seating is made of 100 percent recycled material.

In addition, the 2Five offers a number of convenience features, including a state-of-charge meter that indicates the amount of power left in the batteries, a 12-volt accessory outlet to provide electrical charge for mobile phones, mp3 players and other devices while on the go, and ample vehicle storage, including four large cup holders, locking glove boxes, and a storage area under the rear seat of 4-passenger models (with an optional trunk accessory for 2-passenger models.)

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One thought on “E-Z-Go Launches Their 2Five LSV

  1. The 2Five is a very well designed low speed vehicle and only resembles a golf cart in size. I have been very impressed by EZGOs ability to put together a very solid product, and will easily put this one up against any other electric low speed vehicle on the market.

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