The Peapod Demise Explained

A recent story explains what happened to the Peapod LSV.  The vehicle, originally slated for a late 2010 launch, never made it to the launchpad,  apparently the victim of Chrysler’s bankruptcy filing and subsequent reorganization.  The old GEM business unit was dissolved and a new one created but without the Peapod.  The impetus behind the vehicle was Peter Arnell and he was closely tied with the former CEO Robert Nardelli, so when he went out the door the Peapod followed.

What is unfortunate is that the timing of the consumer targeted vehicle would have been perfect.  The vehicle would have been eligible for significant tax credits in 2010 and the consumer market for LSVs is primed for growth for a variety of reasons notwithstanding a somewhat slow economic recovery.  Learn more:  Green Car Advisor

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